Anglican Church of Kenya
Kitale Diocese Mission & Ministry Partners
Leadership: Ruth Schubarth is our ambassador to Kitale.  She visited in 2015 (she took the pictures!).  She works directly with the bishop, and with their diocesan development officer, Selina. The VIDEO tells of her story there, and gives you a real sense of the people.
About the Partnership:  In 2014, we met the bishop of Kitale Diocese, the Right Rev. Stephen Kewasis through our bishop, Bill Atwood.  He spent some time with us here in Castle Rock, and the Lord put it on our hearts, together, to love and support one another.  

Ministry Values: Bishop Stephen is very keen to teach us that evangelism always precedes development.  Development projects certainly are a great witness, and the needs are great, but hearts must changed for the whole person to be changed and blessed.  

Projects: During Advent & Christmas, we raise funds to support evangelism and development needs.  100% of the funds go directly to the people!  

Motorbikes for Lay-Evangelists: In 2014 & 2015 we raised $14,000 (including $5,000 from another church in Castle Rock--Plum Creek) to purchase 14 motorbikes for layman--evangelists who travel into remote areas to tell people the Good News of God in Christ.  

Chickens & Goats--providing a family with laying hens, a rooster, or goats provides them with "food security."  

Sand Dams: In 2016, we begin a new project, small scale concrete dams that divert water into caches.  Water is the #1 need!  These dams are relatively inexpensive.