The Story of Emmaus Anglican Church

How it all started

EMMAUS ANGLICAN CHURCH was conceived in January of 2010, and first met for worship in Castle Rock on February 1st. The founders, including the priest, left an Episcopal church in the community to seek the liberty to share the life-changing message of Jesus Christ according to the ancient and received faith. We found a home in the Anglican Church in North America.
The congregation and its priest, Fr. Theron Walker, were accepted into the Anglican Church of North America on Good Friday, 2010. We joyfully adhere to and are blessed to be stewards of the faith once delivered to the saints.
From the beginning, we have prayerfully sought to build a culture where people are truly welcomed by an open place of worship, with liberty and learning. To us, the Anglican tradition is supposed to be alive. We are serious, and love to laugh. We aim for beauty in music, furnishings, language, but it must be home grown. We strive to serve God in the community, especially those Jesus called “the least of these.” We love to bring the key moments of the Bible to life, dramatically. We believe it is important for all ages to pray, serve, and even play together, so Emmaus is a community where the older members reach out to the young, and the young keep the old learning. 

our first home

God blessed us with a generous landlord. We met in the back end of an old bowling alley, turned into a call center. The front of the building was home to a steak joint called Dukes. We call those days Saint Dukes.

fair parade

We love to celebrate and share the faith and freedom we have in Christ with our town.

all saints day 2010

Our first year - for All the Saints!

a Traveling church - the fairgrounds

After our rented building was sold in 2011, we moved to the Douglas County Fairgrounds. Along the way, other churches in town let us use their places for weekday worship and meetings.

Worship at the fairgrounds

2011-2013 we were a traveling church - setting up and tearing down our church every Sunday.

a new home 

In 2011, the saga began of purchasing our current home. Vacated in 2008, the building had been empty - the house nobody wanted. The bank/owner was asking $450,000. We offered $350,000 and they turned us down. Eventually, in the fall of 2012, the property went to auction and someone else bought it. Two-weeks later, the realtor called us and said, "Can you pay $235,000?" We believe God directed us to this spot, and blessed us for following prudent principles. August 25th, 2013 marked our first Sunday at our new home on Ridge Road. After three and half years in rented spaces, Sunday only spaces, it's so very, very good to have a home this side of eternity!



christmas eve at the barn

Where we are headed

Our years in rented spaces and traveling taught us that wherever two or three are gathered together in the name of Jesus, hearing His Word, celebrating His Sacraments, He is present. Today, we are grateful to have a beautiful place for worship located at one of the major crossroads of town. However our greatest goals, our future, are not in wood and stone. We seek to grow closer to the Lord, together. We seek to make Jesus famous in the surrounding community. We seek to raise up the next generation in the love and knowledge of the Lord. A permanent place to Worship is only the start. We are all on the Emmaus Road, walking with Jesus together, with burning hearts and opened eyes.

Who We Are

What We Do

What's Different